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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 6, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PST

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reporter, right before being loaded into a police car. it is an abc news exclusive. caught on tape. the chilling confessions of a serial killer. how he targeted his eight victims. the murder kits he buried across the country. and what he revealed about his deadly split personality. and boy band bust. the biggest teen stars on the planet, one direction, the wanted, justin bieber, all passed over for grammy nominations in a stunning shutout. the guys everyone wants for their boyfriend, can't win this one thing. and elizabeth starts off the morning with a ding right there. >> i know. i think i deserve two or three. channeling lara spencer, just back from london. >> everyone back at the desk right now. we're going to be helping robin
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trim her tree at home later today. but a lot to get to first. new reports on how close syria came to using chemical weapons this week. they actually loaded the deadly gas on to bombs, prepared for launch. and martha raddatz is going to have the latest on that. >> that's a frightening development, something president obama took very seriously. we have a warning this morning that all parents with infants need to here. federal authorities are taking an unprecedented move of suing the manufacturers of infant recliner, saying they are dangerous. i don't know about you guys. but i used these with both of my babies. pretty amazing. >> yeah. also ahead, a major announcement today we can't wait to share with you. it involves all of us and more "gma" every day. we're excited to tell you what we're talking about later on this morning. >> that's coming up. let's get to the news out of london. lama hasan is outside of the hospital where kate middleton checked out, roses in her hand.
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good morning, lama. >> reporter: good morning, george. just moments ago, a very happy duke and duchess of cambridge left the hospital behind me. one of the reporters asked kate if she was feeling any better. kate nodded and smiled and replied yes. after three days and three nights in the hospital, kate, suffering from acute morning sickness, just departed the hospital with william, waving and smiling to well-wishers. the palace told abc news, she will head to kensington palace for a period of rest. william and kate issued a statement, thanking the staff at the hospital for the care and treatment the duchess has received. kate will be trying to recuperate at home. but this condition sometimes lasts through the first trimester. and some mothers in the most difficult cases face symptoms throughout the pregnancy. >> if she's been hospitalized already this early on in the pregnancy, that means there's a greater chance she'll be hospitalized again. >> often times, we see people coming back and back. >> reporter: it's been an
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eventful few i ddays since the couple went public with their pregnancy. >> when is a good time to visit her? when can you take me to the hospital, charles? >> reporter: despite the drama around her, kate's spirits were lifted by visits from william, pippa, her brother, james, and mother, who all took turns at her bedside as she spent a third night in the hospital. >> i think it was a huge comfort to have those closest to her to come and see her in hospital. >> reporter: and the first public comment from the royal family. well-wishes from prince edward and his wife, sophie. >> it was great about the news. but keep sympathy with katherine. >> the duchess may have to rely on her family for the next few weeks, as william heads back to wales for a search and rescue rotation. william and kate were due to attend a military awards ceremony this weekend. but the palace now says only william will be going. >> lama, thanks. let's get to josh with the
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frightening headline out of syria. >> new concerns as the u.s. may have to intervene in the bloody civil war in that country. this morning, we're learning that syrian dictator, bashar al assad's forces have done in recent days that's alarmed u.s. officials and prompted a stern warning from president obama. and abc's martha raddatz is here with the details this morning. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, josh. this morning, a u.s. official is confirming that over the weekend, the syrian military loaded elements of the deadly nerve gas, sarin, on to bombs on or near syrian airfields. there's 40 chemical weapons sites like this one. one drop of sarin can kill you within minutes. the theory is that the sarin bombs could be put on syrian warplanes to use against the opposition forces. there's no way to know for certain if that was the plan. but president obama was so concerned, he issued that strong warning on monday. and since then, there has been no activity at those airfields.
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and the syrian government insists it will not use chemical weapons. but that does not mean this threat has gone away. opposition forces are gaining ground in syria's capital, putting more pressure on syria's unpredictable and vicious president. josh? >> and as news becomes available, we'll have it for you. martha, thank you for that. other breaking news from the other major international crisis unfolding in recent days. the egyptian army has been deployed to keep the peace in cairo, after deadly riots erupted outside the palace overnight, between supporters and opponents of president mohamed morsi. you see them here. critics say morsi is trying to install a dictatorship, with his recent power grab and the new constitution written. five people have been killed in the fighting. hundreds more have been injured. new accusations that walmart and the gap may have played a role in that devastating factory fire that made headlines around the world. at least 112 garment workers
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were killed in the fire in bangladesh last month. this morning, bloomberg news is reporting that walmart and the g gap refused to help pay for safety upgrades at the factory. the companies have not issued any statement. back here, a developing story near los angeles. police looking for the driver who ran down a little girl then sped off. it was all caught on tape. i want to assure you, the girl you see struck here is okay. she will be okay. she was dragged 30 feet, however, before she was thrown free. her horrified mother, you see her there, running to her side. police have released this video, hoping the public will recognize that suv. again, the girl you see struck by that car will be okay. and a quick sports headline for you this morning. los angeles laker kobe bryant, now among the rarest of company
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last night. becoming the fifth player in the history of the nba to score 30,000 points in his career. joins impressive names. wilt chamberlain, kareem abdul-jabbar, and michael jordan. he is the youngest to reach the milestone. he was just 18 when he began. and if santa predicts a snowstorm this winter, get a second opinion and perhaps a third. then, roll up your car windows because this can happen. a guy in sweden woke up to that. >> oh, no. >> apparently, the day before the big storm, warm enough to drive around with the windows down. apparently not so overnight. >> oh, my gosh. >> triple-check, roll up windows. >> somebody's speaking out from behind there. >> or just believe the forecast. >> thank you, sam. >> just saying. all right, guys. we're going to turn to the breaking news overnight of the military software titan, john mcafee, captured by police in
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guatemala, where he went to seek asylum. just before his arrest, he speak exclusively to abc's matt gutman. and matt joins us live from guatemala city with the latest on that bizarre interview. matt, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. in that interview, mcafee very animated. saying he felt safe here for the first time in months. seeking asylum here. but just hours later, the immigration police picked him up. they're planning to fly him back to belize from the airport behind me, a move that surprised nearly everyone here, most of all mcafee. overnight, john mcafee was stuffed into a police car here in guatemala. >> john, where are you going? >> to jail. >> reporter: arrested by the country, just hours earlier. he told us exclusively he hoped would grant us asylum. this morning, officials here say they will deport him back to belize, where he is being sought for questioning in the november murder of his neighbor, greg faull. you did not, nor did any of your
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associates shoot him? >> for what reason? how stupid would i be? he's my neighbor. >> reporter: investigators in belize say he's not a suspect. but when they asked him to talk to them, he went underground, convinced, he says, police there want him dead. why don't you take a lawyer, somebody you trusted, go to the police, talk to them, hash this all out? >> they won't let a lawyer come into my prison, where i'm surrounded by guys with knives or whatever, paid to kill me. >> reporter: late wednesday, a confident mcafee thought he had escaped. telling us how he managed to duck police for three weeks, while taunting investigators. >> i changed my hair erratically, as i've died it black. chopped it off. it's been white sometimes. >> reporter: at times, he said, he even pretended to be elderly. >> i had a cane. i was walking like this. and i had my jaws stuffed with toilet paper. >> reporter: when we talked to him, his hair was still dyed
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black. but he had given up the other disguises, thinking he no longer had to keep running. you're not wanted. >> i'm safe here. >> reporter: instead, this morning, mcafee is in jail. now, mcafee always able to find a way to communicate, has been blogging from jail. he said that a judge has temporarily stayed that deportation order. his attorney has been arguing all along that any move for mcafee back to belize, could risk his life. >> matt, we know you'll be on it. we're going to turn to the latest on the fiscal cliff. just 26 days before everyone's taxes go up and programs get cut. jon karl is following it all. a small breakthrough yesterday, president obama and house speaker john boehner got on the phone. >> reporter: that may not sound like much, george. but it's the first time the two men have spoken in a week. and what may be the most
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significant sign of progress, neither side talked about what was said on the call, an indication they may be serious about negotiating in private. >> we're starting to see some republicans concede that tax rates on the wealthy, at least, are going to have to go up. the president has another rock-hard bottom line. that's an increase in the u.s. debt limit, as well. >> reporter: that's right. republicans even top republicans, say the tax rates are going to almost certainly go up. but on this question of the debt ceiling, the government reaches the limit of how much money it can borrow in february. republicans say they will exact a price for that. they want spending cuts, if they can't get exchange for the tax increases. they will raise the debt ceiling. >> the president saying he's not going to negotiate on that, either. now, to a major headline for parents about a popular affordable baby recliner. a federal agency is suing the maker of the nap nanny, claiming it has caused the death of five children and demanding the
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recall of the product. jim avila has all of the details. >> reporter: this morning, the government says it's a dangerous product with a faulty design that allegedly allowed children to just fall. the consumer product safety commission says there have been 70 complaints about nap nanny, including 5 deaths. >> we believe it's a hazardous product. >> reporter: for months, the makers of the nap nanny have refused to pull its product or offer refunds. the government is taking a rare step to ask a judge to pull it off shelves. >> the reason i came up with it, my daughter would only sleep in her car seat. >> reporter: in a statement, she says she is heartbroken for the families who lost a child. but says the parents misused the product, but either not strapping the baby in or placing the device on a table or a crib. >> the nap nanny is for floor use only.
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>> reporter: nap nanny raised the sides, and posted this instructional video. but children continued to die. and the company, again, refused to take responsibility. quote, no infant using the nap nanny properly has ever suffered an injury requiring medical attention. for "good morning america," jim avila, abc news, washington. >> thanks to jim. we're going to turn to the search for an arizona college freshman missing almost a week. he was last seen partying late friday night with members of a fraternity he wants to join. and the missing teen's mom says he was worried about rough hazing during pledge week. abc's linsey davis has the latest. >> reporter: overnight, distraught family and friends came together for a vigil for arizona state university freshman jack culolias, who has been missing since friday night. willing to do anything to find her 19-year-old son, who was last seen at this arizona bar.
7:14 am
he was allegedly kicked out after being very intoxicated. he left his cell phone and credit cards behind. >> he normally never would do anything like this. >> reporter: he had been at a social event friday night for a fraternity as a new pledge. the pledging process is something his mother says he was concerned about. >> there was rumor that they were going to put them in a garage, 30 of them, and make them live in this garage. >> reporter: in a statement to abc news, the fraternity said, they take a very strong stance against hazing and has zero tolerance for it. his mother reported him missing to police. then, with family and friends, she decided to search for herself in the river bed behind the shopping center. and what she found is likely the most significant clue yet. >> i got alarmed the moment i saw the shoe. i washed his tennis shoes at thanksgiving. so, i know what they look like. >> reporter: police have few clues. and haven't confirmed that the shoe belongs to jack. >> they had boats out there
7:15 am
looking for him. nothing was found. >> i'm just scared. he's my youngest son. >> reporter: linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> you have to feel for that mom. let's hope this ends okay. let's go to josh. >> let's hope so, indeed. we're going to turn to a video we cannot get enough of. we showed you this memorable wrestling match yesterday. the middle schoolers teaching us all life lessons. "good morning america" salutes you both, jared stevens and justin kievit. at first glance, this may look like an ordinary wrestling match between two seven graders. with one boy defeating the other. but on this day, both of these 12-year-olds left the mat as victors. and to call this extraordinary doesn't even begin to describe it. take a closer look. you see, jared stevens has cerebral palsy. but he doesn't let that stop
7:16 am
him. he wants to wrestle. >> he asked coach if he could get on the mat. that's when we asked the coach, you know, what do we have to do to make that happen? >> reporter: he started practicing. and then -- >> the next logical question for somebody who's practicing with a wrestling team, hey, coach, i want to get a match. what do you think, dad? and i was like, put him on. >> reporter: so, they approached a coach from the opposing team. >> he called me over to the side and said, he wanted to get jaret on the match today. and asked if i had kids who understood what the world is like. >> reporter: enter justin keivit, in his very first match. >> i shook his hand. i noticed he couldn't move. so, i sat on the mat and pulled him over me. and slid under him like that. >> reporter: and with the crowd standing and cheering, jared pins justin to the mat in just 18 seconds. jared wins, as evidenced by that
7:17 am
ear-to-ear smile. >> he looked at me with a cheerful face and smiled at me right when the match was over. that made me feel really good. >> the two adjectives that came out of this whole episode is courage and character, on both of these guys' part. >> reporter: courage and character. and a remarkable show of contrition. >> sometimes winning always isn't the right thing and isn't the most important thing. >> wow. >> i have to tell you -- >> that's unreal. >> yeah. teaching us all. >> yeah. >> teaching us all. >> fantastic. that is great. >> and the behind the story was just as good as you thought it was going to be. >> that conversation from the coaches. it was completely spontaneous. do you have a kid with a big heart? >> and then, you have this kid, who, in the end, just does it all. >> any advanced notice or anything. >> makes you feel better about the world. >> it really does. >> and kudos to those parents.
7:18 am
great family. >> great, both of them. they really did. we're going to show you incredible pictures from space. nighttime view of the entire earth, released by nasa. but this is not the way the earth really looks. nasa had the composite images from satellites. they only show you what city lights, car lights, boat lights, auroras, things like that, even gas flames. they choose certain wavelengths and put this together. it's a beautiful view. it just came out. we thought we would bring it to you this morning. it's the way the earth should look. it's a cleaned-up version. we edit our pictures on facebook. >> not us. >> maybe. >> quick look at what the temperatures are doing today. these are some of the coldest temperatures we've seen so far this year. 21 degrees in new york. 21 in philly. look at the warmer air on the west coast. san francisco to l.a. sunshine from san francisco, sacramento, all the way to l.a. we'll give you the rest of the
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morning's weather in a moment.
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on >> good morning i'm eric thomas. in the east bay police have detained a person in connection with a homicide investigation. police found the body of a man last night outside pleasant hill. investigators are releasing little information about the crime including the cause of death or possible motive. the scene is near a homeless incam -- encampment. it is jammed at the bay bridge, bumper-to-bumper behind m element all the way through the macarthur maze stopped on to 80 -- and 580 all we have reported is a stall on the cantilever section. something is up at the bay bridge we'll keep following that. fiesty back up there. in san jose north 87 taylor we have a pick-up truck blocking a lane, possible accident there, eastbound 37 at 29 is a
7:25 am
big rig stall blocking a lane there. >> when we
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from sutro tower to the east clouds low, a little mist starting to dry starting to see clouds open good news from live doppler, no rain falling now we'll be partly cloudy this afternoon with low to mid
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60s heading to the game it is going to start at
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. you are looking at the chilling confession tapes of a serial killer. revealing frightening details about targeting his eight victims. he had what he called kill kits stashed across the country. >> it's very "silence of the lambs." a female fbi agent tracked him
7:30 am
down. also, ahead -- good morning, america, by the way. good to be here. robin is on leave, recovering. and i think we're going to trim her christmas tree today. also ahead, the latest on the controversial custody battle over this little girl who was given up for adoption. her father had no idea. now, the birth mother speaks out in an abc news exclusive, explaining why she did this. also, making a turn of sorts. the biggest teen dreams, as elizabeth told you at the top of the program, aren't so wanted, after all. bieber, one d., the wanted, shut out of grammy nominations. the outrage, explained in detail. so are the fashion police, in times square as we speak. we have an anchor competition coming up, that's already heating up, ladies and gentlemen. which one of us will take your
7:31 am
cues and model the whackiest christmas sweater on the planet. no one said there could be no electricity. no one said the sweater could not have electricity. >> can i tell our viewers? this is intense. i just landed from london. i had no idea i needed to be working on my sweater. >> we will be working on this for a long time. >> some of these are explosive. some of them will explode. but we need your vote. so, choose wisely. as if that wasn't enough, sam, we also have tori spelling. she is speaking out about her pregnancy scare and what she's revealing about a life-threatening ordeal she went through and how it helped her become the mom and the person she is today. >> a whole lot coming up. let's get to the serial killer confessing on tape. it is a harrowing story about his eight victims and deadly split personality. abc's neal karlinsky has the details. >> reporter: you're watching 34-year-old israel keyes,
7:32 am
describe over coffee and a bagel, his strategy for hunting and killing innocent people. >> back when i was smart, i was letting them come to me. just remote areas. kind of a remote area that's not anywhere near where you live, but that other people go to, as well. >> reporter: this newly-released interrogation video, shows keyes in anchorage, being questioned about a missing barista. she is seen putting her hands up. he zip ties her hands and leads her away. telling police he killed her, and then left for a cruise out of new orleans, before asking her family for ransom. but keyes didn't just reveal the details of that brutal attack. he also revealed that he's a serial killer. >> there is no one who knows me, or who has ever known me, who
7:33 am
knows anything about me, really. they know -- they're going to tell you something that is not going to line up with anything i tell you because i'm two different people, basically. >> reporter: fbi special agent jolene golden interviewed keyes over a period of months. >> he talked about the rush he got out of it. the adrenaline and the high from doing it. >> reporter: keyes told her he killed at least eight people, including a couple in essex, vermont, four others in washington state, and one more on the east coast, with a body hidden in new york. he told stunned agents, he left kill kits or caches buried in several states, filled with everything he'd need to commit a murder. his strategy to grab his victims in remote locations like parks, campgrounds, even a cemetery. >> you may not get exactly what you're -- not a lot to choose from, in a matter of speaking. but there's no witnesses.
7:34 am
really, there's nobody around. >> reporter: portrait of a serial killer. they believe his eight victims are only the tip of the iceberg. >> how long have you been two different people? >> a long time. 14 years. >> reporter: he's done talking now. keyes killed himself with a razor inside his cell on sunday. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> what a story. now, to the latest twist in the controversial utah custody battle. a baby girl was put up for adoption without her soldier father's knowledge or consent. a judge ordered the girl returned to her father. and now, the mother is speaking out in an abc news exclusive. amy robach is here with the latest on this controversial story. >> reporter: good morning to you. this bitter battle over a 21-month-old little girl, between her adoptive parents and the biological father, has grown more complicated. the girl's birth mother is
7:35 am
speaking out to abc news. tira bland says no matter who has custody of her daughter, she is still her mother. and she still loves her. >> her well-being is all that matters to me. i want to see her successful. i want to see her in a home, a good home. >> reporter: but the question of just who provides that home is now at the center of a contentious custody battle. bland's ex-husband, terry achane, a sergeant in the army, said bland put his daughter up for adoption without his knowledge in 2010. when he learned that the child was being raised by jared and kristi frei in utah, he asked a court to give him custody. last month, a judge did just that. >> i'm hurt for the freis. they're great people. >> reporter: bland says the freis took her in. he knew bland was pregnant and had to move for work.
7:36 am
she says the couple discussed adoption. but in the end, he abandoned her. and that's why she turned to the freis. >> they cared about me about the well-being of leah, when he wasn't there, when he didn't care. he showed no interest in me being pregnant. when he left me, he didn't leave me with an address. i didn't have a home address on him. >> reporter: achane's lawyers deny that. they say he was paying bland's bills and wanted to take care of their unborn daughter. telling abc news, the judge heard her story and completely ruled against her. he did not find that her story was credible. >> my heart was comfortable with leah being with the freis. i would rather see her with me struggling first before she goes with him. >> reporter: and the freis are not giving up. their attorney says they have grounds for appeal and will vow to fight to keep their little
7:37 am
girl. it's time for a check on the weather with sam champion. hey, sam. >> good morning, elizabeth. >> you have gliting on your -- >> do i have glitter? i've been making exploding christmas sweaters. >> you've been decorating your sweater. >> new information from noaa out today. if you compare this year to last year. look this year, barely 6% of the country has snowfall. last year, just about 40% of the country had snowfall. and it was a warm, dry-ish year last year. now, this is a real problem because we need the snowfall for the season. there's several opportunities over the next week to get snow in here, with a little batch of cold air that will continually reinforce itself about three or four times. seattle, salt lake city, aspen. it looks like bismarck, minneapolis, green bay, will have a chance to get a little bit of snow here. and this will happen over the weekend. and maybe beyond next week. here's a quick look at the big board. there is colder air in the northeast.
7:38 am
dallas, you're 74 degrees. and orlando, about 77. phoenix, at 77 degrees. and we've got a dry, fairly dry west coast, as well, from san francisco all the way into, probably >> all that weather, all that weather, was brought to you by advil. >> there's a lot, sam. >> it's all going on. >> sam, you got a lot of -- >> i like the glitter. coming up here, the grammy nominations have been revealed. and they're not going in one direction. we're having so much fun today. why are the world's biggest boy bands and justin bieber shutout?
7:39 am
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oh, yeah. sing it with me, people. it is 7:43. we're back with big news. the emmy nominations -- i said emmy nominations because we were just talking about them. the grammy awards, the nominations were announced -- put your computer down. >> like it's the computer's fault. >> george. >> it's george's fault. >> the electronics. >> hey, listen. i'll try this again. one direction, the wanted, justin bieber, all out of the running. we never thought we'd see this. but abc's chris connelly says, it's true. >> nashville. >> reporter: lady in lace, taylor swift, beat-boxing with her co-host, l.l. cool j. that wasn't the only surprise, as the grammy nominations were unveiled last night, amid an atmosphere of, well, fun.
7:44 am
♪ tonight >> reporter: bolstered by janelle monet. leads for six nominations. including record of the year, and album of the year. it typified what kind of night it was for fresh faces. not those fresh faces, though. one direction, justin bieber, and the wanted, were all passed over. oy vey. instead -- ♪ you've been talking about >> reporter: while the band perry and dierks bentley, pay tribute to johnny cash, the similarly acoustic mumford & sons got album of the year nod, as well. and while ne-yo soared through "let me love you." it didn't take long to realize that frank ocean looks like a favorite.
7:45 am
one of his six nominations, along with record and album of the year. and this is crazy. ♪ here's my number >> reporter: call me? maybe not. carly rae jepsen missed out on a best new artist nomination. but "call me maybe" did get tapped as song of the year. as for taylor, she got a nomination herself. the no, ma'minees will await fey 10th, to see who takes home a grammy or two. for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> and congratulations to all. meanwhile, coming up, a little singing for you on "play of the day." >> yay. >> trust me, you'll like it. freeze it right now. freeze. you just got 5% off for using your red card. welcome home. she loves it.
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7:50 am
here's "the play of the day." >> time's awasting. let's get right to it. nothing like a good piece of music. it has to be the most unlikely duet ever. ♪ >> wait for it. there's only one star. ♪ >> really great. >> yeah. >> tremendous. >> anybody have a euro? i want to go fill the coffers over there. terrific. coming up, you know you want it. and even if you don't, sweater smackdown. go nowhere. i gave birth to my daughter on may 18th,
7:51 am
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7:55 am
good morning i'm eric thomas. the 49ers' new stadium reaches major milestone in construction today.
7:56 am
the stadium remains on schedule to open for the 2014 season. another team in the area they are playing tonight. going to be nice, partly cloudy 56 by noon, 3:00 partly cloudy and 58. the game 5:20 to 9, mid to low 50s. partly cloudy this afternoon, low 60s. recommend bart for the game, westbound richmond san rafael bridge a piece of rebar sticking off the deck in the left lane north 280 past 90 to overturned truck on shoulder debris in lanes -- westbound 80
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
[ cheers and applause ] everybody, all bundled up out there this morning. a little cold out there in times square. but it has not dampened the spirits of our crowd. as you know, robin at home recovering. we're going to visit her later today. great to have elizabeth vargas
8:00 am
here with us. and we're rocking the holidays here at "gma." >> rocking the holidays, indeed. we're going head-to-head in a sweater smackdown. each of us have created -- i got the previous sweater i could find. and sam is covered with glitter, back there. >> only one winner. >> josh out here. josh is working hard, too. >> mine -- >> he's the dark horse candidate. >> i have something of a landfill theme. it will all make sense, people. >> once again, proving that we're not competitive at all. >> at all. uglier. it must be uglier. >> you can go to on yahoo! right now, to see our choices and cast your vote. thank you. >> the teamup right there. it's not fair. it's not fair. >> i'm sacrificing myself. >> thank you, george. >> you don't even need to enter. >> stephanopoulos is a runaway
8:01 am
winner. >> always. also coming up, angelina jolie has a shocking -- a possible shocker here, we should say. why would one of the world's most famous actresses is saying, she is thinking about stepping away from her career for good. sure it has something to do with her children. she's such a terrific mom. >> and that yummy husband of hers. >> oh, there's many adjectives. >> a lot to stay home for. speaking of homes, one of the most famous homes in america is getting a brand-new neighbor. you might call it a neighborhood. there's cinderella, right by that diconic castle. it's a new fantasyland. yeah. and it's near the castle. boy, i wish i was there right now. >> do you need anybody to go on assignment. >> we should have done that. >> i know a 4-year-old who will go right now. she'll go. >> that would be great. let's get news from josh. >> we're going to begin with great news.
8:02 am
out of london this morning, lara's back. and so is kate. kate middleton, leaving the hospital where she was being treated for acute, rather severe, morning sickness. the duchess of cambridge, bearing yellow roses, as you can see. smiling while she walked out of the husband. prince william, her husband, by her side. welcome back, duchess. there's news this morning about whether the united states have have to intervene in the bloody civil war in syria. there's reports that the syrian military element loaded nerve gas on weapons. and there's fear that they will drop the bombs. but there's been no activity since monday, when president obama warned the syrians about using chemical weapons. new video of army tanks moving in to stop the violence that has erupted outside the presidential palace in cairo.
8:03 am
thousands you see here, protesting president mohamed morsi, claiming he is trying to establish a dictatorship. also this morning, software mogul john mcafee has been arrested in guatemala. police detained him for entering the country illegally. he's request asylum in guatemala, claiming he is being persecuted in belize, in questioning for his neighbor's murder there. a lawsuit has changed the way we criticize others online. a virginia contractor has won a legal victory this morning, after suing a client for defamation. claiming her scathing reviews on the websites yelp and angieslist were not true. the judge ordered that she must remove her reviews. the lawyer calls it a violation of free speech.
8:04 am
here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." >> josh, good morning. and to everyone on "gma." it is day one. first time ever smoking marijuana is legal in one state of this country. will other states follow? and tonight, we're going to show you what it's like when marijuana is suddenly legal. >> we'll be watching. and finally, this year's "sports illustrated" sports kids of the year. we had them on the program. conner and cayden from tennessee. cayden was born with cerebral palsy. but that doesn't keep him from competing with conner in triathlons. they've done a dozen together. last night, look at conner, alongside nba star lebron james, who was named sportsman of the year by the magazine. congratulations to all, especially conner and cayden. i can tell you, conner's speech, in recognizing his brother, tears flowed in that hall, streaming down his face.
8:05 am
again, two more great examples. >> great for our future. >> that's great. thank you, josh. >> you bet. >> that's wonderful. now, a little "pop news." good morning to everybody. we're going to begin with daniel craig. he's said more than once that he is over playing james bond. now, i wonder, though, how he would feel if one of the hottest leading men in the world is more than happy to take over the franchise. in a new interview with "the sun" -- not sam champion. it's hugh jackman. hugh jackman says he's ready, willing and able to take over the role, as soon as craig says the word. in fact, jackman tells "the sun" he was approached about playing 007 before craig. he was too busy shooting "x-men." but not now. the tux is dusted off. if his friend wants outs, i wonder if that leaves daniel craig shaken or stirred? >> the first singing james bond.
8:06 am
that would be cool. >> bond the musical? >> no, no, no. i love the image. i love the martini-shaking backup dancers. that's a great image. but bond is such an iconic guy's guy. you can't mess with that. >> all the more reason that i have the new bond right here. >> can't mess with that. daniel craig's the best. i have another story you guys are going to like. you talked about it when i was in london. we gave you a sneak peek of the john travolta and olivia newton-john video. that video has blown up online. they are still so hot. the song is called "i think you might like it." it is a real trip down memory lane. the song written by the same guy that wrote "you're the one that i want" from the classic film, "grease." and it's featured on their holiday album. all of the proceeds from the album benefit charity. and we're excited that john and
8:07 am
olivia will be right here on "gma" to perform later this month. these two go together like shama-la-la-la-la. >> i sang while you were gone. >> how did that go again? ♪ ooh, ooh, ooh >> there you go. >> there's more. >> really? thank you. hey, everybody. we have a "pop news" pop-in now. by now, most of us have seen the video of jay-z, on the subway, explaining who he was, for a woman who was unclear about the fuss around him. we showed it to you yesterday, in the piece about beyonce's documentary. that woman is a reporter in new york. we asked her about her experience. >> i didn't know who -- celebrities can't walk down the street easily because -- it's part of what they're about and
8:08 am
what they're after. but it must get tiresome doing that. jay-z, if you see this, i wouldn't mind meeting you again. my granddaughter wants to meet him. she was well aware of who he was. >> jay-z's biggest fan. jay-z, come to the studio to perform on "gma." ellen with a front-row seat. finally, time for our pop quiz. and speaking of jay-z, what did "rolling stone" pick as the best hip-hop song of all-time? that's a hint. >> is it jay-z? >> we're going to find out in a little bit. first, we have to get the weather from sam. >> sorry. good morning, everybody. we're on. we're live. where are you guys from? >> louisville, colorado. >> i see a -- are you in school? >> yeah. >> what school? a little chilly? or just happy to be here? you're dancing.
8:09 am
we're not playing music. >> it's cold. >> it's a little chilly. even from colorado, it's a little cold in times square. let's get to the boards. one or two things we want to talk about this morning. how about we start with miami? a live shot there. you can see there's a little cloud out there in the distance. we'll show you the southeast. the idea is that you have the area of high pressure that moves away. the low and the associated front moves in. there will be scattered thunderstorms moving in. look at orlando, at 77. miami, at 79 degrees. the bitter cold air stays in northern canada. but we are seeing it get closer to the contiguous u.s. now, we watch the cold air and a couple bursts of it shoot down. watch the temperatures in billings, bismarck, minneapolis, denver, get back to normal and get below it. the news for the next couple of weeks is, these bursts of cold air will come down. but it will get milder between them. so, we're not getting one, solid block of cold temperatures.
8:10 am
>> the truth is, it's much more comfortable huddle between you guys. let's go back in the studio to -- >> lara. >> thank you. here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." why angelina jolie is revealing she may be about to quit acting for good. and tori spelling is opening up about her pregnancy scare and what she's calling her miracle baby. let the games begin. it's our holiday sweater
8:11 am
smackdown. your voice, your vote, coming up on "gma," live in times square. looks like your bags didn't make it. we'll send them to your hotel. [ sad music playing ] this is fun. [ sad music continues ] [ knock on door ] your bags, sir. thanks. both: finally! one taste, and you'll understand. enjoy delicious dunkin' donuts coffee anytime. best vacation ever! pick some up where you buy groceries. america runs on dunkin'. and now -- i got a great new way to get deals. it's called bankamerideals, from bank of america. i choose the cash back deals in my mobile or online banking. i just use my bank of america debit or credit card when i pay. and i get as much as 15% cash back -- put into my account.
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♪ ♪ ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪ [ male announcer ] oh what fun it is to ride. get the mercedes-benz on your wish list at the winter event going on now through december 31st. [ santa ] ho, ho, ho! [ male announcer ] lease a 2013 e350 for $579 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
8:16 am
yes, we do love you, robin. we can't wait to see you after the show. first, the pop quiz. what did "rolling stone" pick as the best hip-hop song all time? the answer is "the message" from grand master flash. >> vargas, you were right on. >> i had it. >> you nailed that one. >> the full list, the top-50 -- >> are you kidding? >> that's a classic. that's great. >> it did. you can check out the magazine, hitting newsstands tomorrow. we turn to the major headline out of hollywood. is angelina jolie really ready to close the door on her acting career? she is reflecting in a brand-new
8:17 am
interview, saying she may soon leave movies behind to focus on being a full-time mom. paula faris has more. >> reporter: angelina jolie may be half of the hottest duo in tinseltown. >> still alive, baby? >> reporter: but one of the most famous actresses in the world, says she's now willing to take a permanent hiatus from hollywood. >> i think i'm going to have to give up the acting as the kids hit the teenage years anyway. there will be too much to manage at home. >> reporter: in a candid interview with britain's channel 4 news, the megastar, known for "salt" and "tomb raider" is speaking in the past tense. saying she would give up her career for her family. >> i've had great experience. i'd be able to tell stories. and i've gotten to do things for fun. but if it went away tomorrow, i'd be very happy to just be home with my children. >> reporter: a lot has changed
8:18 am
recently for jolie and pitt. in april, the paparazzi-plagued pair finally got engaged, after seven years ago and adopting three children. they've taken on new humanitarian projects, founding the jolie-pitt foundation, which fights disease and poverty in cambodia. pitt also told elizabeth vargas that he is changing his focus. >> everything is allocation. spending my time wisely and doing the things that are important to me and spending the time i need with family. >> reporter: jolie isn't the other mother looking at motherhood. you make choices as a wife and mother, don't you? you can't have it all. >> the irony, of course, is that these stars have what appears to be very glamorous lifestyles.
8:19 am
all they want to do, in many cases, is to get away from it. >> reporter: for now, jolie seems to have found a way to incorporate her family into her work. 4-year-old vivian, 8-year-old pax, and 7-year-old saraha, have roles in her upcoming film, "maleficent." she says she can see herself leading a less glamorous life. >> i see what's happening in the world. i want to be part of the world in a positive way. >> reporter: for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. >> a good mom. and now, we turn to another superstar mom, speaking out this morning. tori spelling, opening up about a life-threatening pregnancy scare, with her youngest son, finn. and how it helped her to make her a better mother. cecilia vega spoke with her and joins us now from los angeles. hi, see celia. >> reporter: good morning.
8:20 am
tori spelling says she can relate to her difficulties right now. but for tori, the difficulty, the danger and toll it took on her body, she says baby number four is probably her last. >> i didn't plan to get drunk. >> reporter: these days, tori spelling is all grown up. still living life in front of the camera. but a this time, as a wife and a mom. >> glad you guys are all here. >> reporter: from her online series, "documentori." >> i love you, baby. >> reporter: to her reality show. >> a boy. >> are you serious? >> reporter: but this is tori in her most challenging role yet. four children with her husband of five years, dean mcdermott. and tori is opening up about her headline-grabbing pregnancy, with her son, finn. life-threatening complications
8:21 am
reportedly linked to her three previous c-sections. had her pleading with doctors to save her baby. >> one of my doctors said, get that baby to 28 weeks. i'm not going to cry. >> reporter: she was in the hospital for 2 1/2 months, lying flat on her back, unable to care for her other young children. >> i missed big moments. that was the hardest. >> reporter: what did you miss? >> i missed liam's preschool graduation, and ella's 4th birthday party. hattie, when she started to crawl and her first words. >> reporter: finn is 3 months old and healthy, the newest member of their growing family. do you have a different bond with him than your other children because of what you went through with that pregnancy? >> with finn, i appreciate every second more with him. >> reporter: tori's appreciating being back at work. she is starring in an abc family movie "the mistle-tones," this time, playing a glammed-up mean
8:22 am
girl. >> it will age much faster than her face. fingers crossed. >> it was my "american idol" meets "dancing with the stars" moment. i finally got my moment. i watch those shows all the time. and now, it was me. >> reporter: but at home, this christmas is all about family. >> it looks good, guys. are you eating more than you're decorating or what? >> we're such a diy family, our holidays are ideal. we make our own ornaments. anything we can make, we do. >> i have to ask. your parents are both jewish, right? >> yes. we grew up celebrating everything because they believed it wasn't about a religious holiday. it was about a family celebration. >> reporter: tori's famous tv producer father, aaron spelling, died in 2006. she has famously feuded with her mother. but they've since made up. and now, tori plans to pass on some of the spelling family traditions to her own kids. but not quite all of them. >> and the gift wrapping room, it did exist. >> reporter: it did exist? >> it's not urban legend.
8:23 am
and there might have been more than one. >> reporter: exclusive. >> there might have been a holiday one. just a holiday one. ♪ all i want for christmas is you ♪ >> reporter: two rooms, just for wrapping paper. there is one tradition that her father loved that she's passing on to her own kids. they brought in a snow machine to turn los angeles into a white christmas, to bring that snow to them. guys, back in new york, one over-the-top tradition they're doing in los angeles, in the new generation of the spelling household. back to you guys. >> all right, cecilia. i've been in the wrapping rooms. i visited tori's mom once. switching gear, now, we're rocking the holidays here at "gma." so many of us have pulled on the crazy holiday sweaters, every year, right? >> every year. >> we're going to show you ours a little bit later. first, the scoop behind those sweaters. back for another season of holiday parties, blogs, books
8:24 am
and fashion shows, take a look. they feature reindeer. snowflakes. >> you wish you were in my family. >> reporter: and snowman motifs. >> dog antlers. >> they've been embraced by mothers, daughters and grinches alike. no doubt about it, those kitchy holiday sweaters have grown into a phenomenon. there's books devoted to the sweaters. websites devoted to their every thread. and late-night comedians use the material provided by the sweaters. to keep their audiences in stitches. >> a little bonus poinsettia on the back there. >> reporter: our own team can attest, there are over-the-top sweaters there. look at their submissions for
8:25 am
the whackiest and ugliest in yuletide yarnwear. last year, the christmas sweater industry boasted record profits. just goes to show you, there's beauty to be found in something so outrageous. those are some great sweaters. we're going to model our bad -- tacky, like bad in a fun way, sweaters. >> by tacky, you mean perfect. >> yours has a light motif. mine is an outside sports, skier motif. yours? >> all-out holiday. i added an accessory to it. >> i didn't accessorize. >> george, you didn't access rise? go to on yahoo! right now to cast your vote. coming up, we'll model on our catwalk and reveal the winner.
8:26 am
. . good morning i'm kristen sze. developing news in the east bay authorities have detained a person in connection with a homicide investigation in pleasant hill. deputies found a body on the on-ramp to 80 near concord last night. investigators are releasing little information include the cause of death or possible
8:27 am
motive. we are waiting for more information, including the victim's identity. >> right now your morning commute. you can see right here a live -- this was a few minutes ago, sky 7 h above the richmond san rafael bridge upper deck westbound a piece of rebar, metal sticking out of lanes not blocking a lane both are getting by the back-up you can see. our waze app past canal as you approach the span westbound, nobody is on scene yet to clear that. expect dig delays richmond san rafael bridge. how does your weather look today?
8:28 am
8:29 am
welcome back. lack of radar returns it is dry. breaking in the clouds, clearing at noon for your tailgate at the coliseum, dropping to [ cheers and applause ] big, happy crowd here in times square this morning. crowded today. look at the tree right there. everybody, all bundled up. we're going to look, live, at gaston, from "beauty and the beast." there's walt disney world down in florida. and there he is. disney world's brand-new
8:30 am
fantasyland opening now. got a tweet from robin. she said she is so excited to see all of us. we're going to head to her apartment to trim the tree. there's her tweet. so excited to see george, sam, josh and lara today at my apartment. i have your froggy slippers ready. we cannot wait for that. we also can't wait for what is coming up right now. we're rocking the holidays with our first-ever holiday sweater smackdown. everyone else backstage, getting ready to walk the red carpet. here to help judge, the style editor for "lucky" magazine, lori bergamotto. thanks for coming in, lori. >> thank you for having me. this is becoming a trend. the awesomely bad holiday sweater. >> awesomely bad. >> awesomely bad. >> 5 million people. >> celebrities are wearing them. diddy was wearing them. and we think it all started back in 2001, at a canadian house party.
8:31 am
they had an ugly sweater-themed holiday party. are you ready for everyone now? >> yes. you're our first model. this, i understand -- show the camera here. you are very decisive in your cotton knit pullover. i feel a lot of sophisticated patterns. a snowy motif. but there's a tacky nature to the ensemble. >> thank you. who's up next? >> next up, elizabeth. she's in this red cotton confection. it features a number of ornaments to go with the spirit of the season. her inspiration, to deck herself out while decking the halls. this is a sweater that will stand up and make you take holiday notice. looking good, elizabeth. >> thank you. >> and next, we have lara. fresh back from london. she brought with her some holiday fashion sense from the
8:32 am
other side of the pond. this number is a blue christmas cardigan with a white collar, sleeve and trim. but come on, guys. and with the fascinator. >> the tree sets it off. >> look at that amazing fascinator. incredible. lara, i'm impressed. "a" for effort. josh really brought it. he is wearing a cotton blend sweater that has been custom-made to accommodate his passion for the season. he's taken the christmas sweater to new heights. i understand his words were, throw in the kitchen sink. they threw in the christmas sink. >> they sure did. >> that sweater weighs 12 pounds. >> that's right. it's a good workout. >> very impressive. very impressive. okay, finally. last but not least. here it is. sam is wearing a cotton toggle holiday sweater.
8:33 am
and this look, let there be light. and light there is. behold the power and the wonder of sam champion in all of his electric glory. sam's sweater, being the true weatherman he is, features a flurry of snowflakes and lots of holiday lights. and a curtain toggle. >> lights and sparkling balls. yes. >> that is the ugliest christmas sweater. it is swashbuckling. >> "a" for effort, team "gma." looking good. >> who has the whackiest holiday sweater of the season? go to on to cast your vote. we'll have the winner in a little bit. lori, thank you so much. sam, now, you have to do the weather in that. >> george, i would wear this any day, day or night. i would wear this, not maybe to
8:34 am
a pool party. but to a festive holiday event, anywhere. >> after all, you're wearing it right now. >> right now. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on we want to show you. how about a little picture out of michigan this morning. you send us your twitter and facebook pictures from all over the country. quick look at the drier and milder air that comes into the west coast. it is about time. san francisco, getting 65 on saturday. sacramento, getting to 62. not only today, but again on saturday. and here's where the cold air comes in. it is a little chilly this morning, which is why you need a warm, holiday sweater. and if you're voting, apparently, it's clearly only one sweater lights up, like this. >> it's also foggy this morning. so, if you need an illuminated
8:35 am
>> all of that weather was brought to you by mercedes. >> give us a shake, sam. give us a jingle. >> i have dibs on sam. he's guiding my sleigh tonight. >> i don't know what is better, the shaking or the tassel. walt disney once said, if you dream it, you can wear it. i mean, you can do it. disney world dreamed it. sorry. and today, they have the grand opening of a brand-new park. it's called the new fantasyland. and our own cameron mathison and his kids were invited for a special sneak peek. here it is. >> thank you, mickey. looks fantastic. imagine being invited to a fairy tale. as disney world's new fantasyland,
8:36 am
the kids and i felt like we walked into the french village of "beauty and the beast." that's my daughter, layla, and my son, lucas. [ speaking french ] pardon me my french. at belle's enchanted tales, everyone, including yours truly, gets a part. >> it will be fabulous. >> let's go now. we don't have much time. >> reporter: i played maurice. so cold. so cold. lucas played the beast. >> a teacup named chip. >> reporter: and layla played chip. >> say hello. >> hello. >> reporter: next door is first new castle in four decades. it belongs to the beast. inside is the be our guest restaurant. it's an exact replica of the ballroom, from the chandeliers. to the cherubs on the ceiling, to the snowy scenery and magic portrait, that changes from
8:37 am
prince to beast, before your eyes. but i had my eye out for a different kind of guy. look at this. it's gaston. >> your favorite. >> reporter: he is one of my favorites. you're right. how are you doing? hello. i'm cameron. >> the pleasure's all yours. >> reporter: lucas has a question for him. >> how many pushups can you do? >> plenty. probably more than you can, for sure. >> reporter: we took the challenge, as a family affair. okay. beaten by the master, i asked gaston where he gets his confidence. >> red is scientifically proven to make you 10% more attractive. that's why i wear red all the time. >> reporter: like you need that. >> i know. it's just an extra boost in the morning. >> reporter: what do you any? 10% more attractive? >> 2%. >> reporter: with gaston's fashion lessons under my belt,
8:38 am
our gang headed underwater, to aerial's grotto. it's my second time meeting a mermaid. oh, my gosh. how exciting. i hope you've been doing a lot of swimming. you're probably a pretty fast swimmer, too. >> reporter: from sea to sky, we were off to the new double-dumbo. twice the fun. we capped off the day with barnstormer. >> that was awesome. again. >> reporter: again? yes. again and again and again. until we all got our fill and we head home to tell mom all about it. that's right. a little higher. little higher. >> and all of this is just the beginning. tomorrow, cameron will take us on a wild ride on a disney imagineering marvel. the brand-new test track. don't miss that. world-class engineers designed it. and cameron will design a car and drive it himself. coming up, master chef tyler florence is in the kitchen with holiday recipes that will make your mouth water. holida
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
really happy to have tyler florence, author of seven best-selling cookbooks with us this morning. has a new one coming out, "fresh," combining ingredients to create something extraordinary and delicious. he's going to show us a couple of dishes from the new book this morning. great to see you again. got to ask you about the cover shot. that's your chick. >> my 5-year-old and 4-year-old fell in love with a chicken. the chickens live us with now. >> seriously? >> this is our coop in our backyard. every egg they lay, is about a $1,000 egg, which i'm excited about. >> tell me about the book. >> we're going to make one of my favorite dishes out of this whole book. we're going to make seared flat iron stake with creamed spinach. and i have shaved truffles. >> sounds and smells delicious. >> we have a big saute pan here.
8:43 am
we sauteed fresh spinach here. and we squeezed the water out. we have a little bit of cream. we're going to pour it back in the same pan. this is a little garlic and butter. >> you could bottle this and sell this, right here, this mist. >> fresh nutmeg. >> that fresh nutmeg, it does open up, once you get that -- yeah, the shave on it. >> isn't that amazing? you want to release the essential oil. you can really smell it. it smells fresh. so, we're going to add parmesan cheese to this. we're going to take our spinach and fold this back in. and then, we're going to let this simmer and pull together. we have a couple minutes left. let's work on everything. we have flat iron steak. >> you want to keep that working with the spoon? or can it just hang out by itself? >> we're going to give it a nice z stir. when it starts to thicken up, you're pretty much done.
8:44 am
this is a flat iron cut. this is the trendy thing that everybody's talking about. it's a cut from inside the shoulder. it's called a butcher's cut in the u.k. it's really beefy. lovely marbling. >> what does that do for the lemon? >> gives a smoky flavor. we're going to get on top of this. isn't that marbling beautiful? >> it really is consistent. it's even throughout. >> right. so, we've got a nice, big platter here. pull that up there. ah, right? we have our creamed spinach. put the creamed spinach around the bottom. >> that's creamed spinach? that easy? >> a little parmesan cheese, nutmeg on the bottom. and we're going to take the pressed steak. >> what are you having for lunch? >> a nice piece of skirt steak. check it out. isn't that gorgeous? isn't that great? look at that. >> oh, yeah. perfect. >> this is one of the great cuts, if you're king of the
8:45 am
backyard, king of the grill. you haven't tried a flat iron yet, you're going to love it. >> wow. >> and then -- nice garlic pieces. we're going to finish up with fresh baby spinach. >> okay. >> we have seared flat iron steak with creamed spinach. also really delicious. and check it out because it happens to be truffle season, ladies and gentlemen. >> a little truffle. the book again, "fresh." you can get tyler's recipes on our website. dude, as always, thank you very much. delicious. delicious. coming up, a very special holiday performance from world famous violinist, andre reyou.
8:46 am
8:47 am
well, he has sold over 50 million albums worldwide. multitalented. a singular talent.
8:48 am
andre rieu, director, producer, world stadium tour was second to only u2's 360 tour. he's going to perform for us in a moment. but we want to chat. thank you for being here. >> nice to be here. >> it's "home for the holiday." a two-hour-long christmas cd/dvd. what made you decide to do two hours of christmas music? >> i couldn't stop. it was fantastic to be with my ark orchestra, in the snow at home. >> you designed the winter wonderland setting we'll see on the dvd. what inspired that? >> you know, i think, the best place for christmas is to be at home. they would give me $10 million to play anywhere. but i will not do it. i will play at home. >> again, we hear about the tours and everything you're doing. what keeps you going, especially when it takes you far from home? >> you think, i can be with all
8:49 am
these beautiful girls. >> andre, you've got it nailed. we want to hear you perform, with the johann strauss orchestra. it's "ave maria." andre, please. ♪ ♪ ♪
8:50 am
♪ ♪ ♪
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it's real fruit juice; crisp, sparkling water; and no added sugar. and they come in these really cool cans. you want one? i'll wait a bit. all right. mm. refreshing. i'm not wearing the sweater that i did not win. but that major announcement is coming up. we have another one right now, as well. turns out, "gma's" not just for the warnings, as well. we're going to pull back the curtain for a live, digital show, starting at 9:00 eastern,
8:55 am
on all time zones. it will also be on demand all day long. >> this is download-worthy. we'll bring you the outrageous moments that have made us laugh throughout the morning. >> it's going to be "glma" good late morning america. and we have a winner. drumroll, please. there can be only one. the fruitcake goes to, samuel j. champion. >> speech. speech. >> speech. >> speech. >> the errol flynn of holiday sweaters. george, i finally beat you. >> well-deserved, sam. >> thank you. i'd like to thank the thousands -- thousands and thousands -- [ cheers and applause ] [ male announcer ] steak combos.
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>> good morning i'm kristen sze. the raiders are getting ready to play tonight. kickoff is at 5:20. how about your game time forecast? good more. noon is when the parking lots
8:59 am
open, 56°, sun breaks through clouds by 3:00. it will be 50 by the end of the game. a lot of sun and warmer tomorrow. bart to the game avoid the traffic crunch. right now north 101 alum rock accident cleared. waze app showing rich mop san rafael bridge is clear -- but metal out of lanes announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, award winning actress laura linney. and, we catch up with actor scott baio. at michael's broadway debut in "elf" the musical as we continue our holiday's in new york city week. all next on the emmy-award winning "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] [captioning made possible by
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